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Gag With O Ring

Black leather gag with a solid "O" ring of leather to keep the...


Leather Blindfold

Genuine leather blindfold, adjustable with buckles. Take with...


Inflatable Luv Log

Squeeze, squirm, grind, and thrust your way to total...


Silicone Ball Gag

Genuine leather gag with rubber ball, adjustable with buckles.


Rubber Secrets Mask

UnisexAll made out of 100 % natural neoprene of the best...


Horny Mini Anal Plug

Slightly curved jelly penis with pleasure ribs at the shaft....


Leather Penis Gag

Genuine leather gag with internal latex dildo, adjustable with...


Blind Passion Mask

Black satin eye mask. Take with you on a plane journey see if...


Leather Head Mask

Instil a visual nightmare or medieval torture with this...


Inflatable Hot Seat

Take the ride of your life with the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable...


Gigantic Black Dildo

Gigantic Black Cock is an enormous dong that will never leave...


Velcro Cuffs

Velcro Cuffs are made of durable materials, comfortable...


Quickie Cuffs Large

Be ready for anything with the completely transportable,...


Chain Ball Tickler

Entertain your lover's nerve-ends with a variety of teases and...